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Introducing :

IJEN PEPE TOUR based travel services for all around Java island and rest of other island in Indonesia, we would like become best travel partner to makes your holiday more memorable and fantastic.  

 Pepe Tours Company, the official travel agency for Indonesia known, was founded in 2011 by Sapto Hadi.

Pepe Tours dedicated especially for Ijen Volcano tour and Bromo Tour Packages

CEO – founder : Mr.Sapto Hadi/ Mr.Pepe

Team Work :

Pepe Tours has 25 Employers,
  5 profesional Driver, 
15 profesional Guide, 
and 5 office staff.

our office 

one of our team work

Vision and Mission

Our Vision
 ” We Care and Enable millions to prosper “

Our Mission

Pepe Tours aims to be the most trusted Travel Partner in Indonesia with a significant market.

A customer central organisation which covers all customer segments, each with unique value proposition, cantered on sales and service excellence, supported by world class Quality.

We aspire to be the employers of choice and to be respected by our customers, employers and community.


” Let’s create magic with your Photos” 


Short Story about how can it’s become Pepe Tours

I would like to introduce my self , My name is Sapto Hadi but you can call me Pepe or Mr.Pepi. Pepe is my Nickname given to me by  my Spanish friend, his  name “Noel Vega Rosa” because

he said to me ” your Javanese name is too difficult to say and to remember ” then he gave me nickname ” Pepe”

I am 28 years old now , Since now is 2018 and I already  graduated study at my university English Department in Banyuwangi at 2013, I been study to be an  English teacher, but  my grammar is not perfect yet and,  my dream is to go to France, to learn French language. because I do love to go to Paris with my Family.

picture taken on 2013 ” Graduation”

I just want letting you know I am big Dreamer.

So I should work hard to make my dream become True.

A few years ago in 2009, I used to work in a big company as Welder  and sometimes a Travel Agency  would call me as Tour Guide  for their costumers and  that experience made me want to change my occupation and go a head with becoming a best tour organizer providing quality services for tourists and more professional . So, I start my own business opened a travel agency since 2011.  We called it Pepe Tours or Ijen Pepe Tour. and by the way I’m also a legal young Tourist Guide in Banyuwangi, East Java registered in Indonesia Tour Guide Association , 

My heart stay at ” Banyuwangi “

I would like also to introduce you my home town, it’s called Banyuwangi City and it’s  located in East Java, Indonesia, Banyuwangi is my home sweet home, I was born in small town but it’s a very pretty place here, we have lot of things to do, at banyuwangi you can visit kawah ijen, alas purwo national park, meru betiri national park, red island, g land, or kalibaru plantation

Well, there are many Attractions and tourist Destinations to visit  and things to do on the island of Java such as ,climbing, fishing, cycling ,hiking, trekking, swimming, diving, snorkelling,canoeing,camping , etc.  Java Tour have a lot to offer. What can I do for you?

·         We can organise  private tour individual packages or make sharing packages with a group as your request Tours

·         off course we also make PLAN B,or C, or D as you want 🙂

·      we will    help you design your  best itinerary for your vacation/holiday/honeymoon,anything , etc
( on request)

  Finally, would you like to know the best part of all ? We are ready to serve you

    have a good day travellers 🙂

Warm Regards from INDONESIA






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